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Project Overview

The project team is moving forward with design on the preferred alternative established in the Environmental Assessment phase of the project. 

The proposed design will construct a one-way couplet to improve north-south traffic flow within Wasilla's historic town center. Main Street and Knik-Goose Bay (KGB) Road will service southbound traffic, while improvements and new extensions of Talkeetna and Yenlo Streets will serve northbound traffic. The northern project boundary will be Bogard Road, and the Palmer Wasilla Highway will be the southern boundary. Additional work includes enhancements to intersections, drainage, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities. Improvements will also be made to the Parks Highway within the project area, with a new at-grade intersection at Yenlo/Talkeetna Street.

The project completed a 30% design in 2016 and 65% design in 2017. Since then, DOT&PF has been revising the preferred alternative design in consultation with the City of Wasilla and other stakeholders to ensure that it will result in effective traffic movement and be consistent with the newly adopted City of Wasilla "Downtown Overlay Plan."  The environmental assessment is being reevaluated to ensure that its findings remain accurate, and is anticipated to be completed in fall 2018.

Preferred Alternative Map (click to enlarge)

Project Study Area Map

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